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Bioavailability and tolerability of various albion manufactured organic magnesium sources compared to magnesium oxide.
Crowley D.

In a randomized double blind, crossover trial, three organic sources of magnesium were compared to magnesium oxide for bioavailability as determined by serum magnesium levels and tolerability as determined by adverse event reporting. Subjects were healthy adults (n=14) and they received 150 mg bolus dose of magnesium as either magnesium oxide, magnesium glycinate chelate, magnesium glycinate chelate buffered, or dimagnesium malate. Hourly serum samples were taken at 0-4 hours and again at 8 hours post treatment (see Figure 2). Subjects were interviewed for adverse events relating to treatment. It was found that each of the organic sources had significantly higher blood serums compared to magnesium oxide, and had higher total absorption as determined through area under the curve calculations (see Figure 3). It was also found that there were no adverse events reported that was a result of the treatments.

Figure 2. Serum magnesium levels.

Figuew 3. Area under curve for 8 hours.

Best Magnesium to Select for Supplementation

In the study on bioavailablity for different forms of magnesium, the Magnesium Glycinate Chelate, Magnesium Glycinate Chelate Buffered, and the DiMagnesium Malate forms were all quite better absorbed than magnesium oxide, which is the magnesium salt form most often used as the standard for comparison in clinical trials on bioavailablity and magnesium supplement forms. The chelated forms of magnesium from Albion are the ones that will have the best absorption, when compared to any of the known salt forms. The non-buffered form of Magnesium Glycinate Chelate is the form that can be used in the highest dosage without worrying about laxation. Each of these three forms of Albion magnesiums has different advantages, and your Albion representative is the best one to help you in choosing the right one for your formulation needs. There is another Albion magnesium form that can be considered, as well, and it is Creatine MagnaPower® (magnesium creatine chelate), which supplies two ingredients that increase energy. Of course, it has differences in performance from Albion’s other magnesium forms, and your representative can show you when each is best to use. All of Albion’s magnesium ingredients have been clinically tested and found to be of excellent bioavailablity.

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