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All four of these trace minerals play very important roles outside of what has been their most popularly talked about benefits. In fact all of them are also key players in the body’s antioxidant defense systems, as well. Albion produces a Selenium Glycinate Complex, Manganese Glycinate Chelate, a Zinc Glycinate and Zinc Arginate Chelate, as well as a Copper Glycinate Chelate. All of which have been the subject of clinical studies that demonstrate their good bioavailability and safety. In addition, research on these Albion mineral forms have generated some additional findings as to their biological impact.

Studies at Ohio State University under the direction of Dr. Robert DiSilvestro have shown that Albion’s Selenium Glycinate Complex, at a dose of 200mcg/day given over the course of 5 weeks to healthy men led to an increase in plasma and erythrocyte glutathione peroxidase, and led to a decrease in plasma PSA levels.

A study by C Davis and JL Greger has shown that the supplementation of Albion’s Manganese Glycinate Chelate will improve MnSOD activity and serum manganese concentrations with no changes in urinary manganese excretion or indices of iron status, even when taken along with an iron supplement. This was a significant finding, given that iron supplementation was known to cause a depression in MnSOD, serum manganese, as well as the retention of manganese.

Research conducted on Albion’s Zinc Glycinate Chelate and Zinc Arginate Chelate has demonstrated that these two chelates have a higher affinity to the male reproductive system than inorganic forms of zinc. This implies that the Albion zinc forms can have a greater impact on the nutritional health of the prostate and testicular functions of the male. Other studies have shown that the Zinc Glycinate Chelate has vastly superior bioavailability when compared to the popular zinc gluconate (Maurette, et al).

Studies by Dr. Robert DiSilvestro of Ohio State University have shown that Albion’s Copper Glycinate Chelate at a dose as low as 2mg per day was able to significantly elevate the CuZn SOD activity in arthritics. Further studies have demonstrated that the use of Copper Glycinate Chelate can significantly elevate Ceruloplasmin, Diamone Oxidase, and CuZn SOD activity, indicating its ability to have a positive impact on all the physiological effects of copper.

Albion’s Selenium Glycinate Complex, Manganese Glycinate Chelate, Zinc Glycinate and Arginate Chelate, and Copper Glycinate Chelate have all been shown to be effective and safe forms of mineral supplementation.

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