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Robert DiSilvestro at Ohio State University (not yet published), Zinc (Bis)Glycinate Chelate was compared to zinc picolinate, zinc gluconate and zinc oxide. Table 2 lists the increase in plasma zinc seen with each zinc form. It can be seen from the data in this table that the Zinc Glycine Chelate (Albion) outperformed the other three forms of zinc by a wide and significant margin. The intestinal absorption rate of Zinc Glycine Chelate as compared to the other three forms came to:

  • 3.2 times that of zinc picolinate

  • 1.67 times that of zinc glyconate

  • 3.22 times that of zinc oxide

Table 2. Sum increase in Plasma zinc concentration.

In Conclusion

Exercise requires proper mineral status. No question about this. Exercise has been shown to increase the turnover of minerals. This issue of Albionís Research Notes has discussed some of the relationships between minerals, sports and exercise. The increased need for zinc that can be brought upon people involved in sport and physical training has been stressed. However, as we know, zinc is not the only mineral that is critical to exercise physiology. In the next issue of Albionís Research Notes, we will look into the relationship between sports, exercise, and magnesium Zinc ingredients available from Albion:

  • Zinc Glycinate Chelate

  • Zinc Glycinate Chelate Taste FreeÆ

  • Zinc Arginate Chelate

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